For Matt Coleman

Cape Vizcaino RedwoodsRedwoods, Cape Vizcaino. Mendocino County, CA.


I took this photograph the weekend of July 4th while scouting locations for my next film, and thinking about Matt Coleman. It was one of those moments every photographer has while driving, when they see a flash out of the corner of their eye, and they reluctantly pull over and break-out the camera, because, frankly, they have to, not necessarily because they want to. After all, I had a destination.

As most people in Mendocino County know, Matt was murdered near Cape Vizcaino while doing environmental work for the Mendocino Land Trust and Save The Redwoods League.

New details about Matt’s death have recently been released, and they are truly unspeakable. Like with Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, it’s difficult to normalize how such horror can occur in an isolated place of transcendent beauty.

As I worked on this image I began to understand why that flash of light whispered to me (as I whizzed by blaring M83 on my car stereo). In some small way, I understood that the exquisite qualities of the world overwhelmed terror. The flashes were everywhere if we chose to see them.

I didn’t know Matt very well, and had only hung out with him on one occasion at Big River Beach near the city of Mendocino. He introduced me to Art Morley, who has since become a friend, and I wish I could thank him for that.

Matt Coleman and Art Morley

Matt and Art at Big River Beach


As Matt’s girlfriend said, the world was a better place with him in it. Perhaps now, even more will follow his lead, and look beyond the immediacy of themselves in whatever calling they pursue.

For those that didn’t have the privilege of meeting him, here’s some raw video footage of mine from Big River Beach that day.


Lupinus Arboreus

This is a 3D video. To turn 3D on/off click the 3D button on the video player while playing.

On the night of August 14th, eight years ago, two Christian camp counselors were murdered as they slept on a remote beach near Jenner, California. The case of Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall has no suspects and no leads. Nothing was taken from the victims, and it occurred in total darkness.

Lupinus arboreus is an invasive plant species in Sonoma County, CA.

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Fish Head Beach

This is an early promo for my next feature film, Adventure!!! (yes, there’s three exclamation points in the title) that I shot with Nicole from The Master Plan and her friend Evan.

We made this over a weekend as I was working out the character breakdown and establishing the look/feel of the new film.

I used a “regular” Panasonic HVX-200 HD camera, before I started experimenting with combining images from DSLRs and portable Sony 3D cameras… so this will probably wind-up as a curiosity on the Blu-ray.

That’s also another way of saying the movie is a lot weirder now. :]

Featuring Nicole Mosbacher and Evan Owen. Music by Pointless Orchestra. Directed by Aron Campisano.

There’s more on the film on our Facebook page.


The Master Plan in HD on Vimeo

My first feature film, The Master Plan, is now streaming in HD on Vimeo.

Previously, it was on Exposure Room in standard definition, but XR appears to have gone Poof. I’ve been meaning to bump up the movie to 720p HD for some time, and I finally had the opportunity to properly obsess over the image and sound quality.

It’s free of course. If you like it, please share it!

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